Super Taekwondo. Taepoong Team

Super Taekwondo. Taepoong Team

Title: Super Taekwondo. Taepoong Team

Author: Taepong Team

Reference: DVD/TEAM

Format: MP4 (h-264)

Languages: Español / English

System: PAL

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They look as though as they were from another planet! Their spectacular flying kicks, their multiple breaking techniques, the pressure, are not the result of a digital retouch, but of a thorough and complete training combined with an advanced technique.
The Korean groups were successful at the German Grand Prix, with their Taekwondo exhibitions! This is why we have selected them, because we consider them to be the best from whom you can learn the secrets of the Art of the most spectacular kicks.  It is a Taekwondo that can now be called “Super Taekwondo”; because the basic techniques have been refined to obtain results that are more demanding than those used by the ordinary athlete.  
Any lover of the disciplinary Arts who is still in shape, would enjoy impressing everyone… This is the video! Real experts give you all this first hand knowledge.  You will learn all the necessary tricks and techniques so that you can perform these beautiful kicks which are only seen in the most important exhibitions.






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