SOG Close Combat Vol.2

SOG Close Combat Vol.2

Title: SOG Close Combat Vol.2

Author: Olivier Pierfedericci

Reference: DVD/SOG2

Format: MP4 (h-264)

Languages: Español / English

System: PAL

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Olivier Pierfedericci, a former-parachutist with the French Army, instructor with the Special Forces of the Army and Navy and security professionals in Uruguay, Argentina and Germany, devised the S.O.G. (System for Operational Groups), a system more offensive than defensive based on the concepts of military Close Combat developed during World War II.

In this DVD we will study the three combat distances and their variations, ground techniques, attacks from behind in empty hands, rope, stick, and knife, the techniques against grips and the most efficient controls.

Next we will cover an essential part in the military field, and in self-defense, in general: weapons, and more concretely, the knife, analyzing the most common errors, then moving on to defense against pistols, the use of  bradawl, and the mini-tonfa.

Simple, efficient, and lethal, for some techniques that can be applied by everyone without needing to belong to any special Security Force.






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