Bugei Total Combat

Bugei Total Combat

Title: Bugei Total Combat

Author: F. Amorim

Reference: DVD/BTC1

Format: MP4 (h-264)

Languages: Español / English

System: PAL

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15,90 € VAT included

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Created in 1997 by Gaël Coadic, Bugei is a synthetic Martial Art with a single creed: the quest of the optimum efficiency both in the sport context and in a self-defense situation. In this DVD, the work is centered on the principle of taking the adversary to the ground to submit him with choke techniques, arm, neck or leg  locks, and on learning how to defend yourself on the ground. Florentin Amorim, a Bugei expert and one of the best Europeans in Free Combat, Grappling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, offers an extensive technical array that he dominates to perfection after having applied it on uncountable occasions in his fights





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