Artistic and Combat Nunchaku

Artistic and Combat Nunchaku

Title: Artistic and Combat Nunchaku

Author: Raphael Schmidt

Reference: DVD/SCHM

Format: MP4 (h-264)

Languages: Español / English

System: PAL

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A magnificent and didactic video about the most popular among oriental weapons: the Nunchaku. Who did not fall in love with Bruce Lee when we saw him eliminating whomever got in his way?
Indeed, that is what happened to Raphael Schmitz, a man with competition experience.  An expert in Sambo, fighter in lots of competitions, and a skilled performer who has decided to share his experience and tricks with all of you in this new video that will be a delight to fans of this oriental weapon. Raphael is a man of combat, but he does not speak of this weapon just as a fighting element, but also the Nunchaku as an artistic performance.  Both ways allows the practitioner to develop a total and spectacular control of this lethal weapon.  It is a video that will surprise lots of teachers and fascinate lots of students.





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