Professional Self Defense

Professional Self Defense

Title: Professional Self Defense

Author: Thierry Dehief

Reference: DVD/DEL1

Format: MP4 (h-264)

Languages: Español / English

System: PAL

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Thierry Delhief is a young but nevertheless experienced professional self-defense teacher.
The need to face the tough test of real life defensive action has changed the approach of many martial artists, oriented towards the efficiency of their learning and teaching work. 

The techniques employed by the security forces in the current state of affairs must combine apparently opposed characteristics: the protection of the citizens’ rights and the maintenance of public security.  It is only the quality and talent of teachers such as Thierry Delhief  that permit the professionals in security the right means of taking part in the dangerous and tense situations they have to confront every day. It’s an unflagging job that isn’t always rightly acknowledged by the co-citizens and that is only properly appreciated when the danger signals appear.






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