Lotar Krav Maga. Gun Disarmig. Wrong & Right

Lotar Krav Maga. Gun Disarmig. Wrong & Right

Title: Lotar Krav Maga. Gun Disarmig. Wrong & Right

Author: Avi Nardia

Reference: DVD/KAPAP4

Format: MP4 (h-264)

Languages: Español / English

System: PAL

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Facing threats by a pistol, the luck factor is always present. You can do your techniques to perfection and still receive a shot, and the contrary, commit a multitude of errors and come out from the situation completely unharmed.

On this DVD, Major Avi Nardia clarifies those concepts and little details that make the difference and that will allow us to save our lives. He discusses things like the firing zone, the mechanism of the weapon, how the adversary can react in order to keep his weapon and how to prevent it with simple and efficient movements.

Nardia will show us not only the way to act but what is even more important, what you shouldn’t do.






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