Shaolin Hung Gar Yap Moon Kuen

Shaolin Hung Gar Yap Moon Kuen

Title: Shaolin Hung Gar Yap Moon Kuen

Author: Martin Sewer

Reference: DVD/SEWER1

Format: MP4 (h-264)

Languages: Español / English

System: PAL

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The old masters, including other styles, agree that Hung Gar is distinguished from other martial arts for the fullness of your system, which contains the essence of combat and all wisdom and traditional principles.

In this DVD Sifu Sewer, 7 º Dan Hung Gar Shaolin Kung Fu, and official successor of the style of Grandmaster Dr. Chiu Chi Ling, 10, Dan, shows a complete and clearly structured introduction to the style.

Discover the Moon Kuen Yap, the first form of style and its applications to combat, and learn the techniques (postures, steps and positions of arms and hands) directly from the Southern Shaolin Temple.

No doubt a perfect introduction to the arts of Hung Gar.





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