Knife Tactical Response CSSD

Knife Tactical Response CSSD

Title: Knife Tactical Response CSSD

Author: Bram Frank

Reference: DVD/FRANK1

Format: MP4 (h-264)

Languages: Español / English

System: PAL

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Bram Frank, recognized as the father of the methods of combat with knife Israelis, is the founder of System CSSD / SC, an art tactical combat based on the Modern Arnis Remy Presas, which was the direct student. In this DVD, Bram, practical and direct in his teachings, we unveiled the concepts of the tactical response knife. Explore the training system, the Contras using our most instinctive basic motor skills "raw" ways to cut and stop the opponent from the point of view bio-mechanics, the proper use of weapons of edge and based movements "Sombrada" and "Sinawali" of martial arts philippines





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