Full-Contact & Taekwondo. Super Sparring!

Full-Contact & Taekwondo. Super Sparring!

Title: Full-Contact & Taekwondo. Super Sparring!

Author: T. Barada

Reference: DVD/BARADA1

Format: MP4 (h-264)

Languages: Español / English

System: PAL

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The bright hope among tournament fighters is a reality! Tomaz Barada has an incredible sports record. Gathering victory after victory all over the world, he's fought in the most different places, from Tokyo to Istanbul. He became 6x ITF European Champion, 3x ITF World Champion and 3x King of Taekwon-Do Tokyo.

Engrossed in his own evolution as a martial artist, he trustes completely in his coach, Willy "the Ducth", a former great Taekwondo fighter, who encourages him at all times and supports him like if Tomaz was his own son. Their complicity is evident at first glance. There's no fissure in their relationship!. Affection and commitment run flooding in!

After his last series of victories, Budo International decided to produce a DVD with this outstanding fighter. In this work, keenly anticipated by his fans, Tomaz shares with us an important part of his personal training program: the workout with special equipment while sparring with a partner. Through these tapes you will learn step by step how to "hammer out a real champion"!






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