Karate To-De. The Hand of the infinite

Karate To-De. The Hand of the infinite

Title: Karate To-De. The Hand of the infinite

Author: Dr Pereda

Reference: DVD/TODE

Format: MP4 (h-264)

Languages: Español / English

System: PAL

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In the year 1860, the lieutenant in the Spanish cavalry Dr. R.F. Pereda recompiled a great part of the teachings of Master Matsu Higa in Okinawan  To-De, the complex and enigmatic “Art of the empty hand”. Unpublished until 1975, the manuscript was recovered and further developed by his great-grandchild, the Karate Master and doctor Dr. Pablo Pereda, who needed over 20 years to finish the project. From his hand, we will study the form and the Bunkai of “Ekenkyo Daruma”, an ancient Chuan Fa with the first movements taken to China by Bodidharma, made up of a therapeutic part and another part characterized by the movements of the crane, the panther, and the dragon. Next, the 4 sections of the “Bai He Zhan Chi” form are shown (The White Crane Extends its Wings), the emblematic Moon Kata, and the double Kama Kata and Bunkai






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