Sport Karate Kumite

Sport Karate Kumite

Title: Sport Karate Kumite

Author: Davide Benetello

Reference: DVD/BENE1

Format: MP4 (h-264)

Languages: Español / English

System: PAL

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15,90 € VAT included

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With the help of this training dvd I would like to make Karate more comprehensible and put it within the reach of all students. This is a more or less rigid basis of training that is applicable to all Karate practitioner and most of the fighting styles. We will analyze together the most efficient sequences of strikes and combinations that I have learned from experience and that took me to world success and kept me there for more than ten years. We are going to pay particular attention to kick techniques because due to the new regulations of the World Karate Federation now in force they have become very important. We will also look closely at modifying the trajectory and the point of impact of the techniques so as not to ruin all that training by being penalized for a lack of control in the strike.






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