Shotokan Karate International

Shotokan Karate International

Title: Shotokan Karate International

Author: Hirokazu Kanazawa

Reference: DVD/KANA

Format: MP4 (h-264)

Languages: Español / English

System: PAL

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It is a great honor to introduce "Kanazawa the Legend of Karate-Do". This is a unique occasion to discover the Master, the man, and the Warrior--without limits. Kanazawa speaks English, but we asked him to respond in his native language so that he could feel more comfortable and secure to communicate and transmit the true sense of his message. With complete English narration, this DVD presents the techniques and personality of Kanazawa sensei more completely than other other video.

This unique DVD is a combination of instructional segments and interviews interspersed with rare historical footage of Kanazawa training with his teachers, doing seminars, personal training and more.

Contents include:

1 - Karate-do
2 - Sport
3 - Tradition
4 - Tai Chi
5 - Shotokan Karate- do
6 - Do (the way)
7 - Budo
8 - Bruce Lee
9 - Ippon Kumite (instructional)
10 - Jiyu ippon kumite (instructional)
11 - Kumite
12 - Gichin Funakoshi
13 - Life
14 - Kata Tekki Sandan (instructional)
15 - Kata
16 - Evolution of kata
17 - Bunkai
18 - Attitude
19 - Health
20 - Kata Nijushiho (Instructional)
21 - Karate-do





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