Arnis Koredas. Obra Mano

Arnis Koredas. Obra Mano

Title: Arnis Koredas. Obra Mano

Author: Oliver Bersabal

Reference: DVD/OLIV1

Format: MP4 (h-264)

Languages: Español / English

System: PAL

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Oliver Bersabal is one of the most renowned Philippine Martial Arts experts in Europe in the last few years. His style springs from the central zone of the Philippines, where his master, aged 98, still goes on instructing him periodically in that characteristic and effective combination of 37 traditional styles, most of them already lost, that were brought together to make up the Arnis Koreda Obra Mano combat system.

In Tagalo, the word "Koredas" means "blend of several". Contrary to other styles resulting from the crossbreeding of different systems, the Arnis Koreda Obra Mano conceptual priorities are clear: it is dedicated to and focused on the effectiveness in combat.

Master Bersabal's physical features, short and scantily built, talk about efficient solutions which are NOT based on strenght, but in highly refined combat tactics and strategies of the most practical level. Learn step by step the most effective attack and defense techniques with the single stick which originate in the rich Philippine martial tradition!






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