Kajukenbo. Advanced training

Kajukenbo. Advanced training

Title: Kajukenbo. Advanced training

Author: A. García

Reference: DVD/KAJ3

Format: MP4 (h-264)

Languages: Español / English

System: PAL

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In this excellent work, Master Angel García, one of the most outstanding exponents of Kajukenbo world-wide, shows us in a very detailed and complete way the techniques that make up the advanced concepts of the style of Grand Master Sijo Emperado.

Moving along the Kajukenbo's technical alphabet, Master García brings us step by step into the most advanced training concepts of the art. This video comes to enlarge his former works on the matter with which he initiated us into the keys and techniques of this well-rounded an highly effective Martial Art. The Kajukenbo system does not base its effectiveness in the summary of techniques from different styles, but in its pedagogical approach to useful solutions in the field of Self Defense.

Kajukenbo distinguishes itself for the speed and power displayed in its performance. Its explosive techniques are perfectly coordinated in sequences by all appears natural in their application and development. Nevertheless, that seemingly natural correlation is the result of a sophisticated strategic formulation that will not escape the notice of the experts and students who analize this work.






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