Advanced Iaido. Mugenkai

Advanced Iaido. Mugenkai

Title: Advanced Iaido. Mugenkai

Author: Sueyoshi Akeshi

Reference: DVD/IAIDO3

Format: MP4 (h-264)

Languages: Español / English

System: PAL

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In his third DVD on Iaido, the art of unsheathing the Japanese sword, Sueyoshi Akeshi uncovers for us methods of special training and new techniques, which on this particular occasion are nearer to the ancient forms of the style.

We will study the training for the development of sensibility and balance with "Pyon-Pyon" (spring boots) and with Getta, the traditional Japanese footwear, as well as new stretching exercises. We will analyze new Kumi-tachi, Tomoenuki and their variant techniques for use against two opponents; Haia-Nuke or fast unsheathing; the Hidari Wuki or work with the left side of the body to correct the imbalances and strengthen the normal unsheathinng; and surprising exercises to improve the notions of distance and speed, like the one where you drop a banana and then with the same hand unsheathe...and cut it before it gets to the floor! Definitely a great DVD that will excite all those who are lovers of the Japanese sword.






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