Sin Moo Hapkido

Sin Moo Hapkido

Title: Sin Moo Hapkido

Author: R. Balbastre

Reference: DVD/SMH1

Format: MP4 (h-264)

Languages: Español / English

System: PAL

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The Sin Moo Hapkido is one of the most respected Hapkido styles nowadays not only in Korea but throughout the world.Its founder, Jin Han Jae (images on the inside) is a very well-known and recognized Master within today's international Martial Arts scene.

In this work, Master Balbastre les us into the forms and techniques of this unique fighting style, which includes blows (Chighi), dislocations (Kokki), projections (Donchighi) and kicks (Jol Sul). The Sin Moo Hapkido techniques are based in three basic principles: Won, or the principle of the circle, Yu, or the principle of water and Wha or the harmony of the techniques.

Sin Moo Hapkido is a style that uses every possible combat distance, as well as defensive techniques with traditional weapons.

The ability and skillfulness of the Sin Moo to neutralize any aggression by means of a hold is stated in its symbolysm (an eagle catching an arrow).

This interesting video comes to increase the series of works that Budo International has been producing about this Korean Martial Art, a path that still has so much to say to the West...






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