Tai Chi Yang Style Vol 3

Tai Chi Yang Style Vol 3

Title: Tai Chi Yang Style Vol 3

Author: Fu Shen Yuan

Reference: DVD/FUSE3

Format: MP4 (h-264)

Languages: Español / English

System: PAL

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For the first time two generations of the Fu family are together to perform various sections of the original form of 85 movements Yang Taiji Quan.

The essence and the principles are the same, but the expression is different for the viewer.

Fu Sheng Yuan (78 years old), with circular movements, rather short, stands out for his brilliant energy changes, difficult to notice for the inexperienced viewer.

Qing Fu Quan (36 years old) takes pleasure in the movement, long, powerful and elegant. His body expression clearly shows the changes and martiality, with brilliant power and harmony.

The DVD is completed with dual training of classic work of Tui Shou, some applications of the 13 movements, and the final part of the saber way, also performed by both of them.

It is a document for collectors.

Also available on DVD format at www.budointernational.net






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